• Belle d'hiver
  • Bleu et blanc en hiver
  • Chandail à tulipes
  • Cheveux fous
  • Coeur à coeur
  • Deux jeunes en hiver
  • Esquisse d'un amour 1
  • Japon
  • Ma mère et moi
  • Mére et fille
  • Orange et bleu
  • Robe blanche
  • Rose
  • Rouge et blanc
  • Ruban rouge sur cheveux noirs
  • Vert
  • À l'oeuvre
  • Bel hiver
  • Bel hiver
  • Belle
  • Blanc
  • Bleu en tête
  • Bleu et rouge l'hiver
  • Dentelle
  • En écoutant Jimmy Hunt
  • En noire
  • Jolie
  • Montagne d'hiver
  • Petit sac rose et perles blanches
  • Ruban rouge
  • Soleil d'hiver
  • Yeux bleus


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Born in Chicoutimi, Paule Lagacé comes from a family where painting has always been highly considered. Because her father showed a keen interest for the works of Quebec artists she had ample opportunities, since her early childhood, to mingle with numerous painters. And she was encouraged to express her creativity without constraint, which may explain the personal character of her art.

Paule Lagacé is one of this new generation of painters who go off the beaten track to innovate. Paule does not paint for a living, she lives for painting, which makes all the difference in the works of an artist.