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Welcome to our website

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our website. Although our gallery remains true to the traditional values of the art market, we believe that technology, when used sparingly, can be essential in broadcasting works of art of present-day artists.

Our site is a reference tool which can be used to research all our artists and their works of art. Thank you for your visit.

A brief history

In the fall of 1974, while he was working as a journalist, Gilles Brown travelled to Baie Saint-Paul to interview the painter René Richard. After the interview, he walked around the village and was impressed by the richness of the patrimony as well as the beauty of the old houses.

During his walk, he noticed a house for sale which was over 100 years old and had the idea of turning it into an art gallery.

He decided to name it after Clarence Gagnon. During the interview with René Richard, the latter spoke of his friend and professor who had urged him, in the nineteen thirties to visit this wonderful little village in Charlevoix.

The following summer, in 1975, art lovers saw a modest little sign appear at 61 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street in Baie Saint-Paul, the first art gallery of Charlevoix.

In 1976 Galerie Clarence Gagnon opened its doors on Bernard Street in Outremont, facing the Outremont Cinema. It remained at this address until 1982 and then moved to 1108 Laurier Street West and has been there ever since.

Since then, Gilles and his wife Lisette have continued to serve the art community by offering, through both galleries, a unique selection of young up and coming artists, well-known painters, sculptors as well as an enlightened choice of Canadian old masters.

Our high quality criteria have made the gallery renowned throughout the Province of Quebec.


Our Baie St-Paul Gallery

Established in 1975, our gallery in Baie-St-Paul was the first art gallery in Baie St-Paul. Although this small town is a must-see for art collectors nowadays, it wasn’t always so. In those days, Baie Saint-Paul was not visited as much as it is today.

The first years were not easy. The summer season was short and art lovers were rare at that time. However, the high quality of the work and the artists exhibited at the gallery (Fortin, Rousseau, Ayotte, Richard, Iacurto, Ferron, Pitre, Corno, Tougas, Cosgrove, Bellefleur, Lagacé, etc.) has allowed our gallery to stand out over the years and earn the loyalty of art lovers.


Our Gallery on Laurier Street

Our gallery on Laurier Street has been renovated and a luxurious room has been devoted to the old masters (Clarence Gagnon, Suzor-Côté, Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Léon Bellefleur, Alfred Pellan, Jean-Paul Riopelle, René Richard, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Adrien Hébert, Jean Dallaire, Léo Ayotte, Albert Rousseau and several others). The Gallery has been representing the work of these artists for the past thirty-five years.

Acquiring the expertise and the knowledge to have dealings with works of old masters takes time and effort in order to guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the paintings we propose to art collectors. Lisette and Gilles Brown have proven over the years their great professionalism as gallery owners.