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In 1975, she left the teaching profession to devote herself entirely to painting, her innate passion. Although the themes explored by Marcelle Dubé are contrasted, the unity of her work is indisputable.

Having a strong passion for history and archeology, her research has been, for the past ten years, almost exclusively based on Man, his history, the traces he left behind, his myths, his tragedy, his beliefs, his cults. Her research on the ancient worlds influenced her into texturizing more her work. It then starts to look like an ancient engraved plate, perhaps a testimony coming from those distant times.

Finally and most importantly, she's inspired by her passion : music. She seeks in the colour, rhythm and energy an equivalent to the emotion brought upon by the colour, sonority and fullness found in the movement of a symphony.

Her paintings are made out of sensitivity and emotions pinned to the heart. Her art has to be created spontaneously; in one go, especially with blues, reds and golds, strong colors and powerful in intensity.