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PITRE, André

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Ever since he gave up architecture to pursue his painting, André Pitre’s art has evolved with continuity and coherence. André Pitre stands out as one of the most promising artists of his generation. His art tends towards harmony and beauty but under the pallet’s lavishness and composition he expresses his preoccupation for the human condition and fragile pleasures we try to protect as well as unheard anguish we all try to conquer.

Inside both abstract and constructed spaces, figures come and go. They may be real or recalled from the past, as if the artist retained only the memory of their presence on the canvas. With Pitre, nothing is certain; anything is possible. As a reflective being, he never rushes to paint his subject; he has the wisdom to let the subject come from within.

If we look at the ensemble of his paintings since he began painting in 1993, we are faced with an enormous amount of work which has been conceived by sequences. Each component illustrates a state of being represented in life’s different stages. These ever changing moments in time are well incarnated in an intense and delicate space where beyond the figures’ apparent calmness is hidden drama. His figures never impose their presence; they are discreet and meld with other elements. Their presence, however, is increased tenfold as we understand precisely their psychological complexity.