BOLDUC, Blanche : 1907 - 1999

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Who in Charlevoix does not know the famous duo of naïve artists, Blanche and Yvonne Bolduc. Born in Baie St-Paul in 1907, Blanche, like her sister, is a self-taught artist, expressing herself with charcoal, oil and pencil, which is exactly why her work is so fresh in both her paintings and engravings.

Blanche Bolduc started painting in 1966. Until that time, she was happy with helping her sister Yvonne with her works of art, crocheted carpets and sculptures.

As of 1966, Blanche exhibited her work regularly in various Quebec and Ontario galleries as well as two exhibitions in France in 1972 and 1976 which helped to make her known outside the country. Her work earned her the silver medal of ″l’Académie des Arts, Sciences et Lettres″ in Paris in 1966.

Blanche Bolduc’s work can be found in several public collections namely at the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts, the McCord Museum in Montreal, the Museum of Charlevoix, at McGill University and in the National Gallery of Ottawa as well as in several private collections She left us after a short illness in February 1998. She was 90 years old.