HERMINE, C.T. : 1972

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Daughter of the vast land of Charlevoix, born in Baie St-Paul, Quebec, in 1972, Hermine discovered the irresistible beauty of nature at an early age and immersed herself in the power of its great landscapes. She was admittedly an independent, quiet and solitary child who felt the great need to touch everything around her.

At school, she stood out with her artistic abilities. After completing her high school education, she naturally opted for a career in the plastic arts, which allowed her to experiment with several modes of expression. Already she demonstrated a preference for three-dimensional work that allows her to appropriate space, e.g. interior design, woodworking and sculpting. This did not prevent her from exploring other forms of art, such as painting and photography, as well as obtaining a bachelor's degree in graphic communications.

After a few years of freelance work as a graphic designer, which gave her the opportunity to combine her creativity with her love of service, Hermine has returned to her first and foremost passion: sculpture. Her bronze-cast sculptures are produced in limited series of 12 copies. Characterized by a certain geometrization of form, all her works occupy space in a bold, simple and elegant manner.