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DE PASSILLÉ, Hélène : 1949

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Hélène de Passillé was born in Montreal in 1949. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Laval University in 1982, she evolved in her artistic creation while she tended to a part-time career in education and writing. During this period, she participated in group exhibitions and events, mostly in Montreal and Quebec City. However, she felt the need to spend more time working on her art. So, she left her teaching position to concentrate on creating her art. Her career as a professional artist is still young, since she started painting full time in 1999.

She lives in Côte-de-Beaupré in the Quebec City region where the strength and the energy of the river nurture her creative work. She is not looking to reproduce landscapes, things or the people that surround her, although we can sometimes see traces and innuendos in her paintings. She is convinced that painting has its own language, and wants to transmit emotion rather than a message. Furthermore, her work is spontaneous, intuitive, flowing and lyrical. She considers her paintings as a bridge between her sensitivity and that of the human beings who will linger over them.

The technique (ink, stamp, watercolour, acrylic, collage) will adapt to the feeling of the moment. For her, the act of painting is a discovery rather than a planned process: ″My work takes shape in freedom and relinquishment. I live in the moment and learn to become open to the seriousness as well as the frivolity of things and I let the painting follow its course. What interests me is creating a work open to a multitude of perceptions. I like it when people recognize a part of themselves in my paintings and are moved by the same emotions that lead me to complete the work. For me, it is a way of communicating with others, a kind of language from soul to soul which I need.″

Since 1999, the Loto-Quebec collection and the ″Fonds des professionnels″ have acquired her work. Her paintings are also part of several private collections in Quebec, Europe and the United-States.