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Born in Nicolet (Québec), Canada, Guy-Anne Massicotte started her artistic path in early twenties, when she preferred arts to sciences studies. She studied drawing, photography painting and sculpture at Sherbrooke and Bishop’s Universities but she is mostly self-taught with oil painting. Fascinated by Salvador Dali, her first «master», Massicotte dives into early and recent specialised publications, while honing her craft. Putting into practice what she reads, along with attentive observation of masterpieces by Vermeer, Dürer, Rembrandt, as well as the work of contemporary artists, brings her to develop a very personal approach to painting.

Her work has been selected in many National and International shows such as the Canadian Brushstroke Magazine Artist’s favourite subject competition February 2010 and International Artist Challenge #56 'Floral & Gardens' Competition ( Issue number 72) and has been awarded an Honourable Mention at the Art Renewal Center’s International 2009/2010 Salon (Glenham, New York) in Still life category. She was awarded second and third prizes at Rêves d’Automne International juried competition held in Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec, Canada.

Recently, one of her floral works has been selected by the Susan Kathleen Black foundation for the 2010-2013 BLOSSOM~Art of Flowers International Exhibition and Tour starting in Naples Museum, Florida. Also, in October 2011, she was a finalist at International Guild of realism Sixth Annual Juried Exhibition hosted by the Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Guy-Anne Massicotte is represented in galleries since 2002. Notably, works by the artist can be found in the Loto-Québec corporate collection, as well as in many Canadian, American and European private collections. Parcours Magazine summer 2009 presented her work and she had an extensive review in International Artist Magazine Issue #83 February / March 2012.

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Artist statement

My approach to Art is both classical and contemporary with an emphasis on technique and fine craftsmanship. I strongly believe that realism, to achieve its highest level of life-like quality, must flirt with abstraction that means turning disparate elements into a coherent design, finding colour and value themes that unify, and making the brushstrokes have a beauty and refinement that enhance impressions of reality. As a contemporary artist working in a traditional style, my greatest challenge is how to integrate modern art and traditional painting with simplicity and sobriety. I try to express my own vision while focusing on the subject and the encompassing reality.

Everyday objects, fresh fruits and flowers capture my attention and I like to arrange them in compositions to create movement and harmony. My purpose is to connect the viewer sensually to the subject, find beauty and order, atmosphere, law of nature. I believe painting is a process of seeing and feeling.

"Art after all is but an extension of language to the expression of sensation too subtle for words" (Robert Henri)